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Other ion drives repeat the same process with other variations. Ion drives consume 1 to 7 kilowatts of power, and can reach velocities of 20 to 50 kilometres in space. Because they rely on a finite amount of gas, they’re more useful for one-way deep space probes that want to build up acceleration and coast in one direction. The drive uses noble gases, which are difficult to find in space, making a scoop or ramjet-styled spaceship unfeasible. The EmDrive has been the recipient of scathing criticisms, referred to as a ‘BS Drive’, or mocked with references to ‘magic space unicorns’. With established physics on their side, it will take solid findings to prove that it works, but even then will destroy our current understanding of physics.  At its heart, scientists have to prove how waves in the EmDrive gain momentum and continue to bounce off the inner chamber’s walls with no energy input. The German scientists who debunked the EmDrive reproduced the same alleged thrust content NASA scientists had initially achieved. After pioneering a new suspension system for the drive, the thrust measurement dropped off to zero, they said in an interview with German science magazine GreWi. “When power flows into the EmDrive, the engine warms up. This also causes the fastening elements on the scale to warp, causing the scale to move to a new zero point. We were able to prevent that in an improved structure. Our measurements refute all EmDrive claims by at least 3 orders of magnitude,” they report. Nonetheless, the German team claims that the controversy surrounding measurement has advanced science further. While they weren’t able to prove the EmDrive can work, scientists around the world have devised more accurate measurement methods for experiments, setting the stage for new concepts and discoveries that could have eluded researchers because of their subtle phenomena. For scientists at DARPA and NASA who continue to work on the drive, bold visions of spaceflight beckon.  Mike McCulloch, who works for DARPA, presents a dream where spacecraft take off silently from launchpads, with minimal effort. If the drive works, he predicts being able to make a trip to the closest galaxy in 90 years   For those who cling tightly to the diminishing possibility that the EmDrive may still be built one day, just because something is impossible, doesn’t mean it will always be impossible. What if a core concept or idea to make it work eludes us for the time being. To them, that means it shouldn’t be discounted altogether.  For now, there’s no limit to the number of wacky space propulsion concepts out there in need of testing. Some have already been discarded.


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