Not only has her longevity been truly remarkable, but her production as well. Her 124 career goals are fourth all-time in U.S. history and her 62 career assists are sixth all-time. While she has played forward in the latter part of her career, she is still the highest scoring midfielder in U.S. history. Lloyd might also add remarkable chapter to her career during this trip as her next goal would make her the oldest player in USWNT history to score a goal. Lilly is currently the oldest player to score a goal for the USA at 38 years, 264 days. Lloyd will be 38 years, 268 days old on April 10 when the USA squares off against Sweden. The most recent on-field action for the USA ended in a trophy lift as the USA won the 2021 SheBelieves Cup, presented by Visa in emphatic fashion, clinching the championship with a 6-0 victory over Argentina on February 24. After wins over Canada (1-0) and Brazil (2-0) to open the tournament, the USA powered its way to the finish in the final game of the tournament, led by a brace from Megan Rapinoe, first half goals from Lloyd and Kristie Mewis and second-half scores from Alex Morgan and Christen Press. Rose Lavelle was awarded the Visa SheBelieves Cup MVP award for her performance over the course of the tournament. With the win, the USA clinched its fourth SheBelieves Cup title, becoming the first back-to-back champion in the tournament’s six-year history and the first team to not allow a single goal over the course of the competition. The USA enters the match against Sweden on a 37-game unbeaten streak and having won its last 16 games overall. The current 16-match winning streak is the third-longest in program history. The USWNT won a record 18 straight matches from July 25, 1990, to May 25, 1991, and recorded 17 straight wins immediately before this run, from March 5 to October 3, 2019. One driving force behind the win streak has been the USA’s high-octane offense. The USA has scored in 66 consecutive matches – the longest such streak in USWNT history - and has averaged just more than three goals per game in that time. During this 66-game run the USA has outscored the opposition 221-34.


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The agencies Toyota hired to curate the Pinterest campaign had a goal: Tell influencers' stories to quash the misconception that only "soccer moms" drive minivans. Toyota "wanted to show how this van could bring out the best in these four individuals and how it potentially can also help them in their day-to-day lives-slash-careers-slash-passions," said Erica Coffman, co-founder of Atrium Collective, a creative group Toyota and Pinterest approached to design the Sienna campaign. Advertising agencies involved with the campaign include the familiar team of Saatchi & Saatchi, Burrell, Intertrend and Conill. Pinterest has more than 400 million active users globally, far fewer than Facebook or Instagram, but a sizable audience. Automakers and dealerships alike are tapping into its marketing potential to reach mobile customers . The platform, which Toyota previously used to promote the Avalon sedan and Venza crossover, attracts a valuable concentration of consumers actively looking for vehicles that match their so-called lifestyle aesthetics. Coffman and her Atrium Collective co- founder Kristin Beasley pulled in four influencers — whom they referred to as "creators" — to showcase how the Sienna minivan could be used for a range of lifestyles. Pinterest is ideal for the campaign because it's good for telling rich stories, said Beasley, who focuses on the platform. While there is marketing potential in other social media sites such as Instagram and TikTok, she said she favors "beautiful" imagery and narrated editorial videos over bite-sized content. Similar to moves made by platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, Pinterest in September 2020 introduced "Story Pins," a multimedia feature the agencies used for the Sienna campaign. Their strategy involved this post showing how an outdoors-loving photographer, florist, therapist-turned-interior designer and restaurateur could each use the vehicle. There was a paid partnership with the four creators, Saatchi & Saatchi confirmed to Automotive News. The creators didn't get to keep the minivans, but Peter Amend, a self-described part-time adventurer and photographer based in California, was already a Toyota customer. "The Toyota lifestyle resonates a lot with how I live and that's kind of a brand that doesn't take themselves too seriously," Amend, a Tacoma pickup owner, said of his decision to participate in the campaign. "They're not too formal of a brand, but they produce very-high-quality vehicles with a reputation for long-lasting quality." The campaign was turned around quickly — in just about two months — Coffman and Beasley said. Production was delayed for a few weeks in January because of surges in COVID-19 cases. Shooting in key locations in more.. Los Angeles was more difficult with closures and travel restrictions. Fortunately, the crew was pretty small, Amend said. "That's one thing that I enjoy about this kind of work, when you can do it [with] a scrappy production team," he said. Here's our annual ranking of the largest U.S.


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